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Due to the snow and the wind - tonights enchanted village will be cancelled. We would like to thank everyone who attended and a reminder that the giving tree is accepting donations until Christmas.

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TOYLAND IS A REAL TREAT! A review by Kathleen Szmit

Beat the bah, humbugs with BHS holiday show

With all the unpleasantness happening in the world, getting into the holiday spirit can be challenging. I highly recommend taking time to see the latest show from the Barnstable High School Drama Club, Babes in Toyland. For a mere $10 you’ll chuckle, you’ll groove, you’ll grin, and you’ll come away in a much happier and more festive mood than when you walked in.

Babes brings together myriad Christmas and fairy tale folk to tell the tale of Mary Quite Contrary, her charming beau Tom, the dastardly Barnaby, and their somewhat epic, but mostly humorous, adventure that takes place somewhere near the North Pole.
It seems the greedy Barnaby has designs on fair Mary, but not because he’s truly in love with the lass. No, Barnaby happens to know that upon marrying, Mary will receive a sizeable inheritance, money that Barnaby desires.

There’s just one problem: Mary is in love, but with Tom, son of Santa’s chief Toymaker. Tom, as it just so happens, loves Mary, as well, and plans to propose. Before he gets the chance, though, Barnaby, enlisting the assistance of two goofy entrepreneurs, sets in motion a plan to get Tom out of the picture and have Mary – and her money – all for himself.

Those familiar with the BHSDC know that when they put on a show they go all out. Babes is no exception. I do have to admit, however, that as I was far from being in the holiday spirit, I had my qualms about seeing the show, not quite ready for jingling bells and “ho, ho, hos.”

When I heard the Christmas music playing over the speakers of the Performing Arts Center at BHS, my inner Scrooge cringed. I took my seat, and a deep breath, and waited for the curtain to rise.

When it did, boy did that inner Scrooge get a kick in the pants. Spread out across the stage were cheeky elves dressed in festive red and green, busily wrapping packages under the encouraging eye of the Toymaker, nicely played by BHS English teacher Ed O’Toole.

As the orchestra played from the pit beneath the stage, the elves burst into cheery song, giving old Scrooge another sharp nudge. Then Head Elf #1 and Elf #2, well done by Michelle McGaughey and Kristen Corbett, kicked off the story, setting in motion a show filled with rapid-fire dialog, well-timed jokes, and some fantastic song and dance.

Not even halfway through the first act I realized Scrooge had left the building, leaving me to enjoy the hilarious antics of Gonzorgo and Ronrico as they attempted to help the evil Barnaby with his sinister plans to eliminate Tom and claim Mary and her money.
As the dunce-ish duo, Jeremy Peacock and Travis Manni were laugh-out-loud funny, while Tom Myers was decadently wicked as the villainous Barnaby, the trio garnering big laughs throughout the show.

Kat Lovett was suitably sweet as Mary, bringing a truly melodious voice to the role, while Sean Potter was excellent as Tom, boasting a smooth singing voice of his own. Olivia Nee was winning as Mother Hubbard, Mary’s mother, and Shannon Pacella was a perfect Bo Peep in her pink bonnet and poufy frock, while Ethan Pulsifer was splendidly jolly as Santa.

A BHSDC show wouldn’t be complete without an appearance by the infamous Keystone Cops, led in this performance by the entertaining Andrew Harmon. With backup from cops including Charlie Ferguson, Nick Bancroft, Michael Palmer, Caleb Seaver, Igor Anastacio, Charlie Nash, Blake Cordeiro, and more, Harmon performed an impressive version of the Tarantara song first heard in Pirates of Penzance.

One of the finest and most energetic performances, however, came from newcomer Adam Barosy as the Jester, getting everyone clapping as he masterfully rapped out one of the show’s main numbers, one of several special songs written by Roy Richard. Look for some terrific choreography from Shannon Pacella, as well.

I also can’t forget to mention the adorable sheep: Morgan Nailor, Rachel Corliss, Nora Canady, Rachel Gardner, Sophia Zuniga, Olivia Chute, Kate Walsh, and the hysterical Anne Kennedy who got her kicks bruising the shins of Barnaby, much to the audience’s delight.

Karen Mannal deserves many kudos for her stylish costumes, including the frightening bogeymen.

The sets, created by a team including Matheus Fiuza, CJ-Cea Curry, Charlie Pineo, Kevin Shanley, Justin Massarsky, Conor Slack, Lindsey Bill, Alex Ferreira, Michelle McGaughey, and Tom Crabtree, are eye-catching and thematic, enhanced wonderfully by lighting from Chad Goddard. Stage manager Cea-Curry also did a fantastic job of keeping the show moving along nicely, in spite of a set glitch.

Because the show is double-cast to give all of Barnstable’s stars a chance to shine, I recommend seeing the show twice. It’s certainly worth it.

As Babes came to its conclusion – a happy ending for all – and the snow began to fall inside the theatre, I realized that I had quite a smile on my previously Scroogelike face. What really sold me on the magic of the show was the reaction of the children in the seats nearby. On their faces, inspired by the merriment and mayhem of Babes in Toyland, was the true joy of Christmas; such a wondrous gift indeed.

Later, Scrooge.

Remaining performances of the BHS Drama Club production of Babes in Toyland at the BHS Performing Arts Center, 744 West Main St., Hyannis are Nov. 27, and 28 at 7 p.m., with 2 p.m. matinees Nov. 28, and 29. All seats are $10.

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Santa Arrives in Toyland!

Toyland Santa's Arrival and Presents!!!

Santa and his elves arrive in Toyland with presents for everyone!

Barnaby gets a present

Mary's Little Lamb offers Mean Old Barnaby a present while Santa watches on.

Photos from Toyland

Barnaby is captured by Toyland's Police Force under the direction of Santa Claus, while Tome, Mary, Gonzorgo and Ronrico look relieved!

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Babes in Toyland Press Release

When the Barnstable High School Drama Club put on A Christmas Carol last year, many passages stuck in the memory of the students, but one passage resonated with them more than any other. It occurs early in the play, when Scrooge is visited by two solicitors. When he asks them why they are asking for a donation for the needy at Christmas, one of them responds, “It is a time, of all others, when Want is keenly felt.” This year, a year when Want will be more keenly felt than ever, the Drama Club will be using its upcoming production of Babes in Toyland to contribute to two charitable causes.

The set from Babes in Toyland, which will cost about $2,000 in materials when completed, will be donated to The Cape Codder Hotel, where it will be used as part of their Enchanted Village. Last year visitors to the Enchanted Village donated over $10,000 in food, toys, and gift cards to Independence House. In addition, Drama Club members will also appear each weekend of the Enchanted Village costumed as Dickens-era carolers, as they have for the past seven years, to help guests and visitors get into the holiday spirit.

Babes in Toyland will also be helping the Cape Cod Hospital Auxiliary raise money for the third year in a row. The Drama Club will be donating the profits from the Dec 21 matinee to the Auxiliary. As an added treat, Hospital Regional Marketing Director Van Northcross will be playing the part of Old King Cole during that matinee performance.

“It’s all about the community in which you live.” says John Sullivan, Drama Club advisor and director of Babes in Toyland. “I try to instill in the club members (totaling over 150) a sense of belonging to a community and helping out whenever we can.”

This isn’t the first time the Drama Club has worked with the community to help raise money for charitable causes. Since its inception the club has also worked with The March of Dimes telethons, the Diabetes Foundation, Housing Assistance corporation, Big Brothers and Sisters of the Cape and the Islands, Champ House, Independence House and many others.

This summer The Drama Club even helped raise money for the Barnstable school system. Sullivan designed the layout for the 9-hole mini-golf course on Main Street in Hyannis and created with his students a 30-foot-long, 14-foot -tall sea serpent, which eventually captured the award for the favorite hole on the course. The attraction helped raise over $15,000, which was recently allocated to different enrichment programs throughout the school system.

RecentlyThe Drama Club donated $6,500 for a large marble fountain which serves as a centerpiece in Barnstable High School’s Memorial Garden, located in the Cobb Astro Park. The Drama Club was proud to help out this important school project, to which many people throughout the community have donated time, effort and materials, to honor deceased Barnstable students and staff.

Babes in Toyland has long been a favorite of the BHS Drama Club. Written in 1903 by Victor Herbert, the operetta has been made into numerous motion pictures, most famously asThe March of the Wooden Soldiers (1933), which featured Laurel and Hardy, and as Walt Disney’s Babes in Toyland (1962). “I’ve always considered Babes in Toyland the ultimate in holiday entertainment,” said Sullivan. “You’ve got Santa Claus, the elves, a befuddled toymaker, Bo-Peep and her sheep, a pair of not-so-sharp funny characters and the classic melodrama villain, the evil Mr. Barnaby. And of course, everybody’s most feared pack of bad guys, the Bogeymen.”

When Sullivan adapted the show for the Drama Club back in 1984, he took out what he calls “the slower songs, the ones that make kids squirm,” and added a few surprises, including the band of heroic policemen from Gilbert and Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzance led by Groucho Marx, complete with pith helmet and cigar.

Sullivan also notes that in that first production of Babes in Toyland, Barnaby was played by BHS alum Neal McDonough, seen most recently on ABC’s Desperate Housewives. “Once a bad guy, always a bad guy, I guess,” mused Sullivan.

Babes in Toyland is a fun-filled show for all ages and a perfect way not just to welcome in the holiday season, but to contribute to those in need. Babes in Toyland opens November 20 at 7 PM with shows on November 21st at 2 PM and 7 PM, November 22 at 2 PM, November 27 at 7 PM, November 28 at 2 PM and 7 PM and November 29th at 2 PM. All seats are $10. For reservations, call (508) 771-6246.

Babes in Toyland _Past production photos

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The Drama Club Meeting of Babes in Toyland tonight (TUESDAY NOV 10) has been cancelled and rescheduled for tomorrow night (WED NOV 11) from 6 to 9. A work meeting will take place from 9am to 6pm Wed for all those interested. Remember Wed rehearsal at 6 to 9 for the full cast of Babes in Toyland.

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Goldilocks is out of this world
Written by Kathleen Szmit

Kids of all ages will enjoy unique twist on familiar fairy tale

There is much happening on the stage of the Performing Arts Center at Barnstable High School. Sgt. Frank Rizzo has lost his coffee cup, Goldilocks has been arrested, and there are rampant rumors of an alien invasion.

If it sounds crazy, it’s not. It’s all part of the Barnstable Summer Family Theatre production Goldilocks and the Three Bears From Outer Space.

Written and directed by brothers Fred Sullivan, Jr., and John Sullivan, head of the Barnstable High School Drama Club, Goldilocks is the first of three BSFT shows at BHS this season, and includes a wonderfully eclectic cast of characters who are part of a fun, quirky adventure.

Unlike the fairy tale of old, this Goldilocks features a feisty heroine determined to prove that the Bear family of Kalamazoo are really aliens who are part of a plot to overtake the world.

Goldilocks shares her theories with the hapless Sgt. Rizzo while being questioned after breaking into the Bear home. When agents Dana Mully and Foxy Sculdor of the FBI get involved, mayhem ensues, with much hilarity.

Throw in several dead celebrities, an evil alien emperor, and myriad Meeps and you’ve got quite a scene.
Anastasios Pappasotiriou is terrific in the role of Sgt. Rizzo, while Jeremy Peacock is quite funny as Deputy Joe Cavanaugh. Catherine Macallister and Tom Myers do a great job spoofing The X-Files as Mully and Sculdor, and Duncan Macallister, Elisabeth Moore and Ryan Chevalier draw lots of laughs as the Bear family (Chevalier shares the role of Junior with Gregory Keating).

High praise goes to Michelle McGaughey for her turn as the spunky Goldilocks, and also to Mike O’Toole for perfectly capturing the maniacally eccentric alien ruler Xanderararar the Majestic.

While the set, created by McGaughey and Matheus Fiuza, at first seems simple, the onstage visuals get more impressive as the plot thickens, and are greatly enhanced by lighting from Tristan O’Toole and Chad Goddard.

Costumers Kara and Barbara Felegian have done a superb job of putting together official-looking police attire and Goldilocks’ cute couture, but it’s the Bear family that gets my applause for being cuddly and creative. Xanderararar’s style is also commendable.

I don’t want to give away too much of what happens in Goldilocks, but it’s apparent that the Sullivans knew not only their science fiction, but also children’s fairy tales, and it paid off.

Although some puns may be lost on kids unfamiliar with the X-Files, Yogi Bear, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, they’ll appreciate the show’s silliness and physical comedy. Adults will enjoy the wry humor infused into the script.

Parents looking to spend a fun evening out with the kids and learn the “tippity-top secret” ending of Goldilocks and the Three Bears From Outer Space will want to see this show.

Goldilocks can be seen at the Performing Arts Center at Barnstable High School on West Main Street in Hyannis at 7 p.m. July 10 and 11, and 14 -18. Reservations may be made by calling 508-771-6246. All tickets are $10.

Don't miss Shakespeare by the Sea! The Critics love it!

Bard tragedy showcase for talented youths

July 07, 2009

HYANNIS — The weather was beautiful at Aselton Park Sunday night, and Shakespeare by the Sea's "Romeo and Juliet" for the town's Harbor Your Arts program proved a fine showcase for the talented actors of Barnstable Summer Family Theatre.
The outdoor venue did, though, present challenges that weren't present to the young actors when the Barnstable High School Drama Club performed the show indoors last spring. Some of the dialogue got lost when the wind assaulted the actors' microphones. But the sounds of dogs barking and car horns honking were not enough to drown out the actors' impressive command of Shakespearean English.
The cast and director Ed O'Toole make the most of the outdoor venue. Having the actors enter the stage by cutting through the audience — as though the crowd were part of the play — is a great way to keep the audience engaged and prevent the distractions of the outdoors from becoming overwhelming. The play runs about two hours and moves at a steady pace.
O'Toole's decision to sprinkle a few modern touches in the tragic love story makes for some funny surprises. There is, for example, a Shakespearean interpretation of "The Hokey Pokey" ("'Tis what it's all about") performed at the Capulets' party. The dance scenes' choreography by Jen Hayes and Linnea Donnelly is executed with precision, and the play's sword fights are carried out with an almost frighteningly real swiftness.
As Mercutio, a companion to lovelorn Romeo, Ethan Brown has an irrepressible presence and great timing that make him impossible to ignore. He never misses a beat, has a good grasp of the language and and his swagger belies his slight frame. His cries of pain and final words in reaction to his mortal wound are startlingly realistic. Capulet is played by Jason Pacella, whose portrayal of an authoritative father who crumbles when he believes his daughter, Juliet, has died is heartbreaking.
Romeo is played with passionately naive sweetness by Seth Garcia. As Juliet, Cait Gardipe sounded a little shaky at first on Sunday, but was increasingly captivating as the tension grew around and within her. She and Garcia are confident and believably play off of one another. Gardipe is especially effective when she cries out one last time for her nurse, as she faces the terrifying realization that she must decide on her own what to do.
The set — designed and painted by Emma Eichner, Kendra Bourne and Michelle McGaughey, and constructed by Evan Haussmann — are simply and tastefully done. The intricately painted plants on the walls are lovely.

On stage
What: "Romeo and Juliet"
Presented by: Barnstable Summer Family Theatre in collaboration with Barnstable's Harbor Your Arts program and its Shakespeare by the Sea
When: 5 p.m. Sunday and July 19 and 26
Where: Aselton Park, at the corner of Ocean and South streets, Hyannis
Admission: Free (audience

Romeo and Juliet a summer must-“sea”
Written by Kathleen Szmit
Shoreline Shakespeare in Hyannis

Manhattan may have Shakespeare in the Park, but Hyannis has Shakespeare by the Sea.
Each Sunday evening in July, fans of the Bard can bring blankets and beach chairs to Aselton Park on the Hyannis waterfront for a spirited rendition of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet performed by Barnstable Family Summer Theatre.
The production was first seen earlier this spring in the Knight Hall at Barnstable High School. Traditionally, comedies are chosen for the spring Shakespeare show.
This year, however, Shakespeare teacher and director Ed O'Toole opted to break from tradition and go with what is perhaps Shakespeare’s most well known tragedy. It was a risk, but a risk that proved a solid success as each show performed at BHS this spring played to a packed house.
Part of the show’s success lies with the cast, a terrific mix of past and present BHS Drama Club members and students from O'Toole's classes. I was most impressed with the performances of KC Schuck as Juliet’s Nurse, Ethan Brown as Mercutio, Cait Gardipe as Juliet, and especially Seth Garcia as Romeo.
During the show’s first performance on July 5, this group, along with the rest of the tremendous cast, entertained a sizeable crowd with their impressive talents.
Brown, along with the hilarious Harry O’Toole as Benvolio, offered comic relief from the show’s serious tone, particularly during the challenging Queen Mab speech, which he delivered flawlessly.
Schuck, as the Nurse, was wonderful in conveying every feeling, from joy at Juliet’s discovery of love with Romeo to profound sorrow at Juliet’s untimely death.
It was Garcia, however, who simply shined as the lovestruck lead, delivering his lines with sincerity and believability. Like Isaiah Voegeli, who portrayed Romeo in several spring performances, Garcia was an ideal match for Gardipe’s powerful Juliet.
Gardipe, a woman with a tremendous future ahead of her, evoked much emotion as the fair Juliet. Whether discussing marriage with Romeo or battling her parents for her freedom, she was wonderful to watch.
Also impressive was Jason Pacella as Juliet's strong-willed father, Matt Kohler as the Prince, Tommy Myers as Tybalt, and Sam Bechtold as Friar Laurence.
Emma Eichner, Kendra Bourne and Michelle McGaughey worked marvels creating the simple, yet effective set, while Evan Haussmann did a fine job on the set. I also appreciated the mix of old and new in costume designer Breana Cole's use of modern-day dress against the age-old set.
Shakespeare fans, and even those just looking for an excellent production, will definitely want to see this show during its run at Aselton this summer. This skilled and talented cast does not disappoint in bringing Romeo and Juliet to life yet again.
Romeo and Juliet can be seen each Sunday evening in July beginning at 5 p.m. at Aselton Park in Hyannis. The show is free and refreshments are on sale during the performance.

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GOLDILOCKS IS A HIT - Don't miss it!

'Goldilocks' just right for parents, patient kids

July 09, 2009

HYANNIS — Even though "Goldilocks and the Three Bears From Outer Space" has some familiar fairy tale creatures, other faces transport the play into unfamiliar territory. Jimmy Hoffa, Anastasia Romanov and Elvis Presley join the cast in the second half of the play.

Writers-directors (and brothers) Frederick Sullivan Jr. and John Sullivan have re-imagined the popular children's story and peppered it with enough mature jokes that adults appeared more entertained than their kids were on opening night. The new interpretation gives spice to the otherwise well-known plot (girl enters unfamiliar house, tries out the furniture and food, and finally falls asleep in a perfectly sized bed) by adding plenty of bear puns and references to "The X-Files."

Goldilocks, believing that aliens have landed in her town of Kalamazoo, Mich., searches for evidence in the Bear family home and is charged with breaking and entering. Skeptical police Sgt. Frank Rizzo (played by a wonderfully believable Anastasios Pappasotiriou) and his nervous deputy (Jeremy Peacock, a nice foil to the overbearing sergeant) doubt her claims, even when FBI agents Mully and Sculdor (Sound familiar ... ish?) come by to check things out.

The motley crew of first act-ers travels to outer space in the second act in an attempt to stop the "bad guy," Xanderararar the Majestic (Mike O'Toole) and meet a few historical figures along the way.

The character impersonations were incredibly impressive, particularly Dick Weir's superbly realistic Albert Einstein, Greg Gianno's smooth-talking Elvis, and Will Turner's powerful Jimmy Hoffa. They were intricately precise, with perfect accents, contemporaneous turns-of-phrase and impressive costuming.

Michelle McGaughey's Goldilocks is saucy, bold and frantic. Her voice and personality are out-of-this-world loud. But it works. She bounces between sweet and violent, from crying sweetly on a chair to stomping on Sergeant Rizzo's foot.

Goldilocks is pitiable, likable, and deplorable all at once. She's a self-proclaimed SAP — member of the Space Alien Protection club, that is. Her mop of bouncy blond curls and pretty patent-leather shoes invite sympathy and make the audience believe her alien theory.

Kids seemed to love the Bear family, though they didn't seem to catch the overbearing puns, especially little Junior Bear (played by Ryan Chevalier on opening night, alternating with Gregory Keating) who just wants to do the right thing.

In keeping with the unwritten rule that comic bad guys really can't be that bad, Xanderararar is slightly too pathetic to be evil. I found myself feeling sorry for him despite his evil plans of galactic domination.

The piece de la resistance is the army of Meeps, aliens played by young children, who indisputably stole the show. The kids who had been sitting patiently through a multitude of adult jokes cackled excitedly when the extraterrestrials marched onstage in masks and robes. They are the least intimidating and most lovable army of aliens imaginable.

"Goldilocks" is a terrific show for parents who want to be entertained and for kids who can sit still during breaks in the kid-friendly bits. Be prepared to explain labor unions and space travel on the ride home.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

CAST for JILL and the Beanstalk - First Meeting Tuesday Night in the "Knight!" at 6pm.

Jill and the Beanstalk Cast List

Giant................. Seth Garcia
Jill..................... Ashley Goverman
Jack ................. Charlie Ferguson
Ms. Beano........ Maddie Sicard/ Megan Corrigan
Golden Harp .. Johanna Regan/ Shannon Pacella
Golden Goose... Amanda Kennedy/ Samantha Mullin
Mother Dobbins.... Lisa Mitchell/ Sonia Schonning/ Gabrielle Osborn
Chester the Chicken..... Travis Manni/ Adam Garcia
Gloria the Goat..... Shannon Slater/ Kristen Phelan
Pete the Pig...... Brian Pacella
Carl the Cow ....... Caleb Seaver/ Blake Cordiero
Rapunzel............ Natalie Charpentier/ Alyssa Brumfield
Straw Pig........... Alex Faszewski/ Cali Conroy
Stick Pig ........... Rebecca Corliss/ Sydney Speight
Brick Pig ........... Stephanie Sirhal/ Emma Devine
Little Red Riding Hood....... Kianna Chevalier/ Jenny Hayes
Big Bad Wolf ......... James Cooke
Little Miss Muffet .... Molly Kirk/ Chloe Brumfield
Puss-in-Boots........ Austin Benevides
Gretel..................... Kelsey MacDonald
Little Bo Peep........ Laura Sirhal
Cinderella............. Kat Rademaker
Snow White........... Victoria Cordiero
Raggedy Ann ........ Mackenzie Corrigan

Super Secret Spy Sheep

Carrie Osborn
Rachel Corliss
Addie Schonning
Tala Svhonning
Allison Gilson
Lorraine DeLia
Caitlin Creed
Anne Kennedy

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cast List for Goldilocks and the Three Bears from Outer Space!

Here is the cast for Goldilocks and the Three Bears from Outer Space.

If you did not make this cast please audition for our other shows "Jill and the beanstalk" and "Young Robin Hood and the Quest for the Golden Arrow". Both shows are looking for anyone who is interested in having a fun time this summer to audition.

The schedule for Goldilocks will be published shortly. A special schedule for the "Meeps" will also be published soon.

Goldilocks Cast

Sgt. Frank Rizzo--------Tassos Pappas
Deputy Joe Cavanaugh---Isaiah Voegeli
Goldilocks------------Michelle McGoughey
Agent Dana Mully------Athena Levesque
Agent Foxy Sculdor-----Tom Myers
Paw Bear-------------Duncan Macallister
Maw Bear------------Elizabeth Moore
Junior Bear-----------Ryan Chevalier/Gregory Keating
Albert Einstein--------Dick Weir
Elvis Presley----------Greg Gianno
Jimmy Hoffa----------Will Turner
Amelia Earhart--------Kim Borowski
Anastasia Romanov-------Shannon Pacella
Xanderararar the Majestic--Mike O’Toole
Shop Meep-------------Ethan Brown
Mr. Locks--------------John Everson
Mrs. Locks-------------Elizabeth Babich
Larry’s Mom------------Jess Weir Moler

Meeps (will be divided into 2 casts of 30)

Charlie Nash, Taylor White, Brandon Tavares, Taylor Rooney, Matthew Gubbins, Victoria Wright, Jacob Hirschberger, Ryan Cooper, Mariella Martin, Carolyn Nash, Elizabeth Duane, Kelly McKenna, Molly Shanahan, Cory Babich, Lily Sethares, Shauna Joseph, Marla Grenier, Riley Ann Kennedy, Matthew Gordon, Ben Gordon, Kianna Chevalier, David Palmer, Jessica Duane, Austin Benevides, Ella Hunt, Colleen Doherty, Paige Doherty, Katherine Doherty, Kaity Crowley,

Megan Crosby, Hannah McNealy, Maggie McCartin, William Shanahan, Maeve Shanahan, Skylar Bowman, Rachel Dwyer, Emily Miller, Matthew Fredo, Jack Fredo, Caroline Lewis, Abigail Miller, Christian Davis, Clare McCartin, Laura Deely, Jared Joseph, Matthew Crosby, Derek Rockwell, Andrea Reed, Audrey Brewer, Benjamin Nash, Alyssa Martin, Angus Anderson, Isabelle Anderson, Audrey Hukalowicz, Alyssa Kuehne, Sara Kuehne, Lianna Mitchell, Joey Bearse, Meghan Borowski, Heaven Voegli

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

FINAL POSTER DESIGN for Goldilocks and the Three Bears from Outer Space!

Audition Form - fill out and bring with you!

Info about Goldilocks and the Three Bears from Outer Space! - worth the read!!!

To: Entertainment Editors

From: Barnstable Summer Family Theater

Re: Goldilocks and the Three Bears from Outer Space

The Barnstable Summer Family Theater opens its 22nd season with its usual surprising take on an old favorite when Goldilocks and the Three Bears from Outer Space has its world premiere on July 7th in the largest high school auditorium in New England, the Barnstable High School Performing Arts Center at Barnstable High School, 744 West Main Street, Hyannis.
Obviously this won’t be the Goldilocks story you knew as a kid. But what else would you expect when Goldilocks and the Three Bears from Outer Space has been written and will be directed by the “Brothers Sullivan,” local theatre legends John and Fred.

Fred, a member of the company at Trinity Rep in Providence where he has acted in 90 roles in 25 seasons, just recently won an Elliot Norton Award as outstanding actor for a large company for his work in Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit and for a performance of As You Like It at Boston's Free Shakespeare. He also directed Awake and Sing at Providence’s Gamm Theatre, which won the award for outstanding production. Fred’s roots extend deep into Cape Cod theatre, as he was a mainstay of Harwich Junior Theatre and the BSFT for many years.

John, the drama coach and Barnstable High School has directed and produced over 200 shows in the last 30 years and recently received the Community Leadership in Support of the Arts Award from the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod. The brothers have collaborated many times in the past, but this will be their first time co-writing a play since Bremen Town, which they did for the BSFT in 1994.
The brothers like to write for family audiences, according to John: “I think we put enough clever writing into the show to make the adults in the audiences laugh and enough silliness and slapstick to keep the kids laughing.” He added, “Our writing process is pretty fluid and jokes fly fast and furious all the time, which makes for great rehearsals.”

A fast-moving comedy for all ages, G3BOS sets the traditional story of Goldilocks on its head. Goldilocks, a young girl, is not running away from home, but investigating alien abductions and thinks the Three Bears are responsible. Along the way she runs afoul of the police and the FBI, not to mention real aliens! And they’re old hands at abduction. After all, where else would Amelia Earhart and Jimmy Hoffa meet but aboard a flying saucer in deep space?

The plot hearkens back to the screwball comedies of the 30’s and 40’s, with its snappy dialogue, silly situations and slapstick chases. Add in the elaborate sets,

special effects and scenery that have been a hallmark of the award-winning Barnstable Summer Family Theater.
Goldilocks and the Three Bears from Outer Space promises to be one of the funniest shows you’ll see this year and one that will be talked about for years to come!

Don’t miss your chance to join in the fun: auditions for Goldilocks and the Three Bears from Outer Space will be held on June 1, 2 and 3 from 6-8 PM in the Knight Hall and are open to all ages as there are many adult parts along with parts for children.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears from Outer Space will be presented in the Barnstable High School Performing Arts Center at 744 West Main Street, Hyannis. Shows will be July 7-11 and

14 -18 at 7 PM. All tickets are $10. Reservations can be made by calling (508) 771-6246.
-- 30 --

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The Hobbit OPENS!!

More pictures can be seen at www.bhsdc.org.

The Elf Queen Dance

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Latest Hobbit Poster!

New Picture of Bilbo and Gandalf

Gandalf the Wizard (Joe Barry) shows Bilbo Baggins (Ethan Brown) an image of Smaug the Dragon.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Stagecraft is a class taught by Mr. Sullivan and helps builds the sets for all the shows presented by the Drama Club. See Mr. Sullivan if you'd like to take the class.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Important Monday March 2nd information!!

Because school was cancelled there will be no rehearsal on Monday - all Hobbits should show up on Tuesday night for their Monday rehearsal. We will rehearse both groups on Tuesday.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Tomorrow night (Wed) we will have the Tues rehearsal along with the scheduled Wed rehearsal.
See you Wed night!

UPDATE!!! New Hobbit Schedule!

Remember if you miss three rehearsals without letting us know you"may be" dropped from the cast.

The Hobbit Schedule

Month of February

Sunday, 1st - PAC - 12-6
12 - Bilbo sing, “Far From Home”
12:30 - Dwarves sing, “Days Untold”, and “Lullaby”
1:15 - Singing Lakemen sing, “Mountain Kings Return”
2:30 - Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits, Gandalf, Bilbo, Elf Queen, Singing Lakemen sing, “Roads Go Ever On”
3:30 - Hobbits and Elves Dance

Monday, 2nd - PAC - 6-9
6-6:30 - Spiders sing
6:30-7 - Hobbits, Dwarves, Bilbo, Gandalf sing, “Shire/Gandalf”
7-9 - Elves sing “Elf Queen”

Tuesday, 3rd - PAC -6-9
Teaching Stage Combat - Lakemen, Goblins, Dwarves, Fighting Elves, Fighting Spiders

Wednesday, 4th - PAC - 6-9
Bilbo, Dwarves, Gollum, Trolls and Smaug, Voices and puppeteers

Saturday, 7th - Mr. Sullivan’s Room, 2731 - 10-3
Work Meeting - Masks/Props - Only High School Students

Sunday, 8th - PAC - 12-6
12-2 - Dwarves, Bilbo Review all songs, and Elf Queen and Harmony Elves
2-3 - Singing Lakemen
3-6 - Battle Scene - Lakemen, Goblins, Dwarves, Fighting Elves, Fighting Spiders

Monday, 9th - PAC - 6-9
All Speaking Parts Act One

Tuesday, 10th - Knight - 6-9
Bilbo, Gandalf, and Gollum - Lines only

Wednesday, 11th - PAC - 6-9
6-6:30 - Singing Spiders
6:30-9 - Elves sing, “Elf Queen” and Dance

February 17th - 21st, 10 - 2
Work Meetings everyday in PAC
Monday, 23rd - PAC - 6-9
Review all songs

Tuesday, 24th - PAC - 6-9

Wednesday, 25th - PAC - 6-9

Month of March

Sunday, 1st - PAC - 12-6
Act One - Full Cast and Crew

March 2nd - March 14th To Be Announced

Sunday, 15th - PAC - 12-6
FULL SHOW with Pit - Full Cast and Crew

Monday, 16th - PAC - 6-9

Tuesday, 17th - PAC - 6-9

Wednesday, 18th - PAC - 6-

Thursday, 19th - PAC - 6-

The Hobbit
Opens Friday, March 20th at 7PM. Be here at 5PM
Saturday, 21st at 7PM. Be here at 5PM
Sunday, 22nd at 2PM. Be here at 12PM

March 26th, brush-up rehearsal, Full Show, No costumes

Friday, 27th at 7PM. Be here at 5PM
Saturday, 28th at 7PM. Be here at 5PM
Sunday, 29th at 2PM. Be here at 12PM

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Cast for the Hobbit - 2009!!!

Cast for “The Hobbit”

Bilbo Baggins - Shane Harris, Ethan Brown

Mrs Sackville –Baggins Caitie Corrigan

Miss Sackville-Baggins - Jocie Coombs

Bandolay Took – Charlie Nash

Auctioneer – Brandon Tavares

Kianna Chevalier, Alyssa Tavares, Carolina Miranda, Rebecca Corliss, Alex Faszewski, Nicole Wilkinson, Meredith Penney, Chloe Brumfield, Hannah Nickerson, Victoria Cordiero, Katherine Doherty, Rory Callahan, Jenn Whelan, Mackenzie Corrigan, Cassidy Gruenstern, Samantha Gemborys, Adam Harris, Charlie Nash, Brandon Tavares, Shannon Slater, Lisa Habenstreit, Kristen Corbett, Alicia Perozzi, Caleb Seaver, Chad Goddard,Emily Nues, Rebecca Lieberwirth, Carly Wilknson. Carolyn Nash.

Gandalf the Grey - Joe Barry

Thorin Tom Myers The Boss
Balin Seth Garcia scout/ naturlist
Dwalin Travis Manning always polite
Fili Emma Charpentier youngest
Kili Jayne Croteau youngest
Oin Shane Harris/Ethan Brown fighter/ handyman
Gloin Ethan Pulsifer skeptic/fighter
Nori Andrew Harmon moaner and groaner
Ori Linnea Donnelly moaner and groaner
Dori K C Shuck moaners and groaner
Bilfur Shannon Pacella short temper
Bofur Grace Cambareri short temper
Bombur Harry O’Toole comic relief

Trolls Voices - Duncan McAlliater, Ed O’Toole, John Sullivan

Trolls Puppeteer - Max Meade, John Collins, Taylor Masson

Michael Palmer, James Cooke, Christian Nee, Dan Orth, Luke Fater, Matt Bancroft, Tom Macphee, Sean Potter, Max Meade, Taylor Masson, John Collins, Michael Palmer, Ethan Pulsifer, Matthew Littleton, Bruno Lemos, Alex Lariviere-Warner, Greg Gianno, Sam Bechtold, Luke Fater, Paithan Campbell, Lucas Ribeiro, Mack Thompson (Others to be added at later date)

The Great Goblin voice
Alex Lariviere-Warner, Sam Bechtold

Great Goblin Puppeteer – Hudson Gallagher

Goblin Captain - Isaah Voegeli, Tristan O’Toole

Gollum Charlie Ferguson

Speaking Spiders

Tomnoddy Melayna Grassetti
Attercrop Ari Hansen
Cob Catherine Macallister
Lob Adrianna Leone

Alisha Collucci, Jaclyn Flaherty, Kate Chandler, Kara Felegian, Jessica Adler, Kat Radmaker, Alyssa Nastel, Emily Niedbala, Gabrielle Marchant, Jennifer Daley, Sarah Sissan, Emily Myers, Amanda Fadum Hall, Jackie Humphrey, Alaina Tamash, Allison Blazes, Allison Adams, Sam Melchiono

Elf Captain - Arielle Catania / Emma Eichner

Elf Solder #1 Breana Cole

Elf Solder #2 Mary-Catherine Maurer

Elf Hunting Party

Arielle Catania / Emma Eichner, Larissa Macedo, Olivia Nee, Arianna Levesque, Sara Cannistraro, Kat Lovett, Johanna Regan

Elf Queen
Cait Gardipe

Paloma Childs, Danelle Parkka, Cali Conroy, Kristin Phelan, Jenny Hayes, Michelle McGaughey, Andrea Levesque, Athena Levesque, Siobhan Scott, Hiedi Archibald, Gracie Horvath, Molly Kirk, Hannah Van Petten, Sarah Cowap, Caitie Andris, Shea Barfield, Alyssa Brumfield, Emily Nunes, Demi Miskiv, Kelsey Palmer, Amanda Kennedy, Haley Broberg, Meghann Soby, Jenn Whelan, Larissa Macedo, Olivia Nee, Arianna Levesque, Sara Cannistraro, Kat Lovett, Johanna Regan, Mary-Catherine Maurer

Elven Chancellor - Catlin Littleton

Dungeon Master Allison Adams
Jailor #1 - Ari Hansen
Jailor #2 – Breanna Cole

Singing Laketown Men
Bruno Lemos, Alex Lariviere-Warner, Greg Gianno, Sam Bechtold, Luke Fater

Bard of Laketown – Jason Pacella.

Sean Potter, Max Meade, Taylor Masson, John Collins, Michael Palmer, Ethan Pulsifer, Matthew Littleton, Isaah Voegeli, Tristan O’Toole.

Voice of Smaug Ed Lariviere

Smaug Puppeteers Back Stage Crew.

First Meeting of the Hobbit Cast
Wed night, Jan 21, 6 to 8pm

All Cast Members Should Attend!