Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cast List for Goldilocks and the Three Bears from Outer Space!

Here is the cast for Goldilocks and the Three Bears from Outer Space.

If you did not make this cast please audition for our other shows "Jill and the beanstalk" and "Young Robin Hood and the Quest for the Golden Arrow". Both shows are looking for anyone who is interested in having a fun time this summer to audition.

The schedule for Goldilocks will be published shortly. A special schedule for the "Meeps" will also be published soon.

Goldilocks Cast

Sgt. Frank Rizzo--------Tassos Pappas
Deputy Joe Cavanaugh---Isaiah Voegeli
Goldilocks------------Michelle McGoughey
Agent Dana Mully------Athena Levesque
Agent Foxy Sculdor-----Tom Myers
Paw Bear-------------Duncan Macallister
Maw Bear------------Elizabeth Moore
Junior Bear-----------Ryan Chevalier/Gregory Keating
Albert Einstein--------Dick Weir
Elvis Presley----------Greg Gianno
Jimmy Hoffa----------Will Turner
Amelia Earhart--------Kim Borowski
Anastasia Romanov-------Shannon Pacella
Xanderararar the Majestic--Mike O’Toole
Shop Meep-------------Ethan Brown
Mr. Locks--------------John Everson
Mrs. Locks-------------Elizabeth Babich
Larry’s Mom------------Jess Weir Moler

Meeps (will be divided into 2 casts of 30)

Charlie Nash, Taylor White, Brandon Tavares, Taylor Rooney, Matthew Gubbins, Victoria Wright, Jacob Hirschberger, Ryan Cooper, Mariella Martin, Carolyn Nash, Elizabeth Duane, Kelly McKenna, Molly Shanahan, Cory Babich, Lily Sethares, Shauna Joseph, Marla Grenier, Riley Ann Kennedy, Matthew Gordon, Ben Gordon, Kianna Chevalier, David Palmer, Jessica Duane, Austin Benevides, Ella Hunt, Colleen Doherty, Paige Doherty, Katherine Doherty, Kaity Crowley,

Megan Crosby, Hannah McNealy, Maggie McCartin, William Shanahan, Maeve Shanahan, Skylar Bowman, Rachel Dwyer, Emily Miller, Matthew Fredo, Jack Fredo, Caroline Lewis, Abigail Miller, Christian Davis, Clare McCartin, Laura Deely, Jared Joseph, Matthew Crosby, Derek Rockwell, Andrea Reed, Audrey Brewer, Benjamin Nash, Alyssa Martin, Angus Anderson, Isabelle Anderson, Audrey Hukalowicz, Alyssa Kuehne, Sara Kuehne, Lianna Mitchell, Joey Bearse, Meghan Borowski, Heaven Voegli

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bhsdc said...

the "Meeps" will meet sometime next week - watch for the schedule to be published here online.- thanks