Friday, July 10, 2009


Goldilocks is out of this world
Written by Kathleen Szmit

Kids of all ages will enjoy unique twist on familiar fairy tale

There is much happening on the stage of the Performing Arts Center at Barnstable High School. Sgt. Frank Rizzo has lost his coffee cup, Goldilocks has been arrested, and there are rampant rumors of an alien invasion.

If it sounds crazy, it’s not. It’s all part of the Barnstable Summer Family Theatre production Goldilocks and the Three Bears From Outer Space.

Written and directed by brothers Fred Sullivan, Jr., and John Sullivan, head of the Barnstable High School Drama Club, Goldilocks is the first of three BSFT shows at BHS this season, and includes a wonderfully eclectic cast of characters who are part of a fun, quirky adventure.

Unlike the fairy tale of old, this Goldilocks features a feisty heroine determined to prove that the Bear family of Kalamazoo are really aliens who are part of a plot to overtake the world.

Goldilocks shares her theories with the hapless Sgt. Rizzo while being questioned after breaking into the Bear home. When agents Dana Mully and Foxy Sculdor of the FBI get involved, mayhem ensues, with much hilarity.

Throw in several dead celebrities, an evil alien emperor, and myriad Meeps and you’ve got quite a scene.
Anastasios Pappasotiriou is terrific in the role of Sgt. Rizzo, while Jeremy Peacock is quite funny as Deputy Joe Cavanaugh. Catherine Macallister and Tom Myers do a great job spoofing The X-Files as Mully and Sculdor, and Duncan Macallister, Elisabeth Moore and Ryan Chevalier draw lots of laughs as the Bear family (Chevalier shares the role of Junior with Gregory Keating).

High praise goes to Michelle McGaughey for her turn as the spunky Goldilocks, and also to Mike O’Toole for perfectly capturing the maniacally eccentric alien ruler Xanderararar the Majestic.

While the set, created by McGaughey and Matheus Fiuza, at first seems simple, the onstage visuals get more impressive as the plot thickens, and are greatly enhanced by lighting from Tristan O’Toole and Chad Goddard.

Costumers Kara and Barbara Felegian have done a superb job of putting together official-looking police attire and Goldilocks’ cute couture, but it’s the Bear family that gets my applause for being cuddly and creative. Xanderararar’s style is also commendable.

I don’t want to give away too much of what happens in Goldilocks, but it’s apparent that the Sullivans knew not only their science fiction, but also children’s fairy tales, and it paid off.

Although some puns may be lost on kids unfamiliar with the X-Files, Yogi Bear, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, they’ll appreciate the show’s silliness and physical comedy. Adults will enjoy the wry humor infused into the script.

Parents looking to spend a fun evening out with the kids and learn the “tippity-top secret” ending of Goldilocks and the Three Bears From Outer Space will want to see this show.

Goldilocks can be seen at the Performing Arts Center at Barnstable High School on West Main Street in Hyannis at 7 p.m. July 10 and 11, and 14 -18. Reservations may be made by calling 508-771-6246. All tickets are $10.

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