Monday, January 12, 2009

The Cast for the Hobbit - 2009!!!

Cast for “The Hobbit”

Bilbo Baggins - Shane Harris, Ethan Brown

Mrs Sackville –Baggins Caitie Corrigan

Miss Sackville-Baggins - Jocie Coombs

Bandolay Took – Charlie Nash

Auctioneer – Brandon Tavares

Kianna Chevalier, Alyssa Tavares, Carolina Miranda, Rebecca Corliss, Alex Faszewski, Nicole Wilkinson, Meredith Penney, Chloe Brumfield, Hannah Nickerson, Victoria Cordiero, Katherine Doherty, Rory Callahan, Jenn Whelan, Mackenzie Corrigan, Cassidy Gruenstern, Samantha Gemborys, Adam Harris, Charlie Nash, Brandon Tavares, Shannon Slater, Lisa Habenstreit, Kristen Corbett, Alicia Perozzi, Caleb Seaver, Chad Goddard,Emily Nues, Rebecca Lieberwirth, Carly Wilknson. Carolyn Nash.

Gandalf the Grey - Joe Barry

Thorin Tom Myers The Boss
Balin Seth Garcia scout/ naturlist
Dwalin Travis Manning always polite
Fili Emma Charpentier youngest
Kili Jayne Croteau youngest
Oin Shane Harris/Ethan Brown fighter/ handyman
Gloin Ethan Pulsifer skeptic/fighter
Nori Andrew Harmon moaner and groaner
Ori Linnea Donnelly moaner and groaner
Dori K C Shuck moaners and groaner
Bilfur Shannon Pacella short temper
Bofur Grace Cambareri short temper
Bombur Harry O’Toole comic relief

Trolls Voices - Duncan McAlliater, Ed O’Toole, John Sullivan

Trolls Puppeteer - Max Meade, John Collins, Taylor Masson

Michael Palmer, James Cooke, Christian Nee, Dan Orth, Luke Fater, Matt Bancroft, Tom Macphee, Sean Potter, Max Meade, Taylor Masson, John Collins, Michael Palmer, Ethan Pulsifer, Matthew Littleton, Bruno Lemos, Alex Lariviere-Warner, Greg Gianno, Sam Bechtold, Luke Fater, Paithan Campbell, Lucas Ribeiro, Mack Thompson (Others to be added at later date)

The Great Goblin voice
Alex Lariviere-Warner, Sam Bechtold

Great Goblin Puppeteer – Hudson Gallagher

Goblin Captain - Isaah Voegeli, Tristan O’Toole

Gollum Charlie Ferguson

Speaking Spiders

Tomnoddy Melayna Grassetti
Attercrop Ari Hansen
Cob Catherine Macallister
Lob Adrianna Leone

Alisha Collucci, Jaclyn Flaherty, Kate Chandler, Kara Felegian, Jessica Adler, Kat Radmaker, Alyssa Nastel, Emily Niedbala, Gabrielle Marchant, Jennifer Daley, Sarah Sissan, Emily Myers, Amanda Fadum Hall, Jackie Humphrey, Alaina Tamash, Allison Blazes, Allison Adams, Sam Melchiono

Elf Captain - Arielle Catania / Emma Eichner

Elf Solder #1 Breana Cole

Elf Solder #2 Mary-Catherine Maurer

Elf Hunting Party

Arielle Catania / Emma Eichner, Larissa Macedo, Olivia Nee, Arianna Levesque, Sara Cannistraro, Kat Lovett, Johanna Regan

Elf Queen
Cait Gardipe

Paloma Childs, Danelle Parkka, Cali Conroy, Kristin Phelan, Jenny Hayes, Michelle McGaughey, Andrea Levesque, Athena Levesque, Siobhan Scott, Hiedi Archibald, Gracie Horvath, Molly Kirk, Hannah Van Petten, Sarah Cowap, Caitie Andris, Shea Barfield, Alyssa Brumfield, Emily Nunes, Demi Miskiv, Kelsey Palmer, Amanda Kennedy, Haley Broberg, Meghann Soby, Jenn Whelan, Larissa Macedo, Olivia Nee, Arianna Levesque, Sara Cannistraro, Kat Lovett, Johanna Regan, Mary-Catherine Maurer

Elven Chancellor - Catlin Littleton

Dungeon Master Allison Adams
Jailor #1 - Ari Hansen
Jailor #2 – Breanna Cole

Singing Laketown Men
Bruno Lemos, Alex Lariviere-Warner, Greg Gianno, Sam Bechtold, Luke Fater

Bard of Laketown – Jason Pacella.

Sean Potter, Max Meade, Taylor Masson, John Collins, Michael Palmer, Ethan Pulsifer, Matthew Littleton, Isaah Voegeli, Tristan O’Toole.

Voice of Smaug Ed Lariviere

Smaug Puppeteers Back Stage Crew.

First Meeting of the Hobbit Cast
Wed night, Jan 21, 6 to 8pm

All Cast Members Should Attend!


Gabrielle Marchant said...

I was hoping for a line or even a dance number in there somewhere =/
but spiders are cool.

bdogtavares said...

hi mr.sullivan i was just wondering what is the role of the auctioneer

bhsdc said...

The spiders sing and dance (a waltz) they fight in the battle scene at the end and in a review that was written in the Cape Cod Times it was said "... the spiders alone were worth the price of admission." So the spiders are cool, way cool.

Gabrielle Marchant said...

Oh! Okay, thank you for telling me about the part. I'm sorry I can't make it to the meeting, I wasn't at school today, and when I asked my father if I could go today he said no because I'm still sick. I'll check back here for the schedule though.

Cali Conroy said...
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Cali Conroy said...

I am a elf and tonight we are going over the songs. I will not be able to attend because I am have swimming practice and a big swim meet this week, I just wanted to inform you were I would be when I didnt show up for rehersal thank you
~ Cali Conroy

Tootsie_Fruitsie said...

Could someone tell me about the role of the Elf Queen? My university will be auditioning for it soon and the director said I should look in to that part because he thought I looked like her (or his interpretation anyway).