Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Photos by Russ Price

Russ Price has taken pictures of the cast and show - they are worth a look.

here's all you have to do:

The Wizard of Oz Photo Website will only be active until April 12th.
Go to this web site: http://www.proofstudio.com/ListEvents.php?s=c16a5320fa475530d9583c34fd356ef5
Register your e-mail address and enter the password provided.
The password for BHS Wizard of Oz is: oz
Click on the first image and then click on the Slide Show button.
Please click on any image to view a larger version. Add to shopping cart, if you would like a print made.
Enter ordering information and include payment with credit card. Your photo order will be processed and mailed to you directly.
Pass this info to your fellow cast members, family and friends.
Any questions, please contact the photographer: e-mail Russ Price or call him at 508-420-5581.

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Roger Herbert said...


Thanks for the pictures!! Being in Virginia it is great to see them seeing how I can't be there to see the play!!


Class of 85