Monday, March 31, 2008



Kristen said...

hi my name is Kristen Burns. i live in a small town in ct and i am a play critic. i go everywhere in New England to see shows of all sorts. i see people young and old preform (or at least try) to preform musicals and plays. i am an actress myself. I've been in 27 plays and I'm only 15 years old. I've been in commercials and movie. i love this life. anyway, i saw the video of you guys and i thought it was great! I'm currently watching "high drama" on and i love seeing what you guys are doing.
i went to your guys show and i liked it. i mean I've seen one play that was better but that was just because it had 3 Broadway actors in it. when i go to these shows i fit in with everyone else because I'm a high school student and i look like everyone else.(except for the fact that i have a notebook and I'm writing down everything.) i don't do this as a profession i just do it for fun and because i can. i do plan on getting a sponsor so i don't have to pay the ticket prices all the time :)
anyway, i just thought i would let you know who i was and that i loved your show. oh yeah did i forget to mention that i sent my review to the new york post and they printed it! i bet you didn't know that haha just thought you should know.

Loved your show
Kristen B.
(read this to everyone in the drama club and send it to the seniors from last year cause they were AMAZING!!)

P.S- can you tell Elliot (the scarecrow) that i think he is HOTTT and he was amazing!!!

Kristen said...
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