Monday, March 31, 2008


The Wizard of OZ will hold one more show Sunday April 6th at 6pm. Get your tickets now why they last!!!! phone number for reservations 508 771 6246. - please be patient - people are calling night and day and in between classes students will empty it.

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BH said...

Well bust my buttons........!

I have seen many a Barnstable Drama Club production over the years and this one is truly over the Rainbow........ The talent, the music,the animals..oh my!! Flying monkeys,witches and those tiny Munchkins and of course a horse of a different color!! I can't wait till next weekend to once again be taken over the rainbow with Dorothy and her friends.
Thanks BHSDC for bringing this high quality production to Cape Cod.. Anyone who doesn't get a chance to see this show is truly missing out on something special. You KIDS are FANTASTIC!