Sunday, April 6, 2008

Let us know what you thought of the show!

If you'd like to let the Drama Club know what you thought of the recent Wizard of OZ production, just add a comment. Thanks for coming to the show. It was the Biggest in Drama Club History and a great way to celebrate the 50th birthday of the Drama Club.


Roger Herbert said...

Although I could not make it to the show.. Being in Virginia from all the pictures and even the You Tube Video I could tell it was OUTSTANDING>.. You all did a great job and I know you must be so proud.. I will be flying in for the next showing in July... Keep up the great work.. No school in Virginia Beach could even come close to what you all have done..

Class of 85

SweetPea Dancer said...

The people of the Cape are proud of the unique artistic talent in our community. We should be especially proud of the artistic contributions of our youth. The Barnstable High School Drama Club's production of the Wizard of Oz is a shining example of the talent of our young people. Their talent and hard work is evident in every aspect of this production. In addition, Mr. Sullivan and the BHSDC members have fostered seeds of enthusiasm and excitement for the theater in the children of the Cape by welcoming them in their show. The enormous amount of community and parental involvement has been remarkable to see and a privilege to be a part of. Thank you to Mr. Sullivan, Mrs. Mannal, Mr. Gross and everyone the BHSDC for an experience our two young daughters will remember for a long time to come!
Kim & Rob Moberg

Lisa Nickerson said...

From top to bottom - the show was a delight. The production caused my neighbors to consider moving to Cape Cod full time so their children could be part of something so amazing. :)

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her experience participating as a munchkin and she hopes that she too can be like the Seniors she saw so emotional and happy at the end of the run!

Congrats to Matt K. for his wonderful job as president - his leadership was clearly a benefit. Mr. Sullivan, you are never allowed to retire.

Looking forward to summer.

Best to all.

Sarah said...

The show was amazing! My daughter and I had such a fantastic time, her favorite part when asked at the end was "all of it"... She had no idea how the witch melted (at 7 it's even more magical!), and we were both amused and delighted by all of the fantastic special effects... fabulous singing... gorgeous costumes and props... what a show... We try not to miss a show, and how glad I am we didn't miss this one!
Great job, everyone!

Sarah Thornington
The Studio by the Sea