Saturday, January 26, 2008

Rehearsal Schedule for OZ

OZ Rehearsal Schedule Key

A – The Kansas People
Dorothy Toto (real dog) Aunt Em, Uncle Herny, Miss Gultch, Hickory, Hunk, Zeke, Professor Marvel.
SONG: Over the Rainbow

B – Munchkinland
All Munchkins, Glinda, Witch, Dorothy, Toto (human)
SONGS: Come Out, Come, Out, We Welcome you to Munchkinland. Follow the Yellow Brick Road, You’re Off to see the Wizard

C – On the Road
Dorothy, Toto (human) Scarecrow, Tin-man, Lion, Witch, Apple Trees (stilt-walkers) The Wizard of OZ
SONGS: If I only had a Brain, Heart, Nerve. Off to see the Wizard, If I were the King of the Forest.

D – Land of OZ, Poppy field, Haunted Forest
Dorothy, Toto (human) Scarecrow, Tin-man, Lion,
Guard of Gate, Poppies, People of Oz, Jitterbug dancers
SONGS: Merry Old Land of OZ, The Jitterbug

E – Witch’s Castle
Dorothy, Toto (human) Scarecrow, Tinman, Lion, Witch, Winkies, Flying Monkeys

The song OZ Megamix is sung by Oz People, Winkies, Jitterbug people, Munchkins – only rehearsaed on full cast rehearsals


awkwardthanks said...

hey there.
i'm one of the munchkins, and i'm also going to be a jitterbug dancer.
whats the song to the jitterbug dance we are doing? i've been practicing it, i just think it would be easier if i had the name of the song we danced to?
So, the name of the song would be much appreciated :]

SweetPea Dancer said...

My daughter danced this afternoon and was on the stage as a munchkin with the High School kids....I think she is in Group B...but she was also she a group B and Group D? Group D says jitterbug dancers....or is she just group B?

Thanks for any response.

bhsdc said...

all munchkins dancing (or attempting to dance the jitterbug, for it is uncertain that they will be added to the high school dancers unless they are doing it as well as the high schoolers, but I wanted to give everybody a chance) or not should only show up at B. They should not show up at group D for now until they are officially made jitterbug dancers. there will be jitterbug dance rehearsal for the munchkins during B night. I hope that answers your question.

Kathy Craig said...

Is practice still on for tonight 6-9pm? Do the munchkins stay for the whole practice?

nlcgmom said...

hi there
im in 8th grade and i wasnt sure what to do because i wanted to tryout to be a jitterbug dancer and i was originaly a munchkin but you moved me to a member of oz due to my knee.i wasn't sure if i should go to the munchkins day to tryout for jitterbug or just go on my night(group D).oh and one last thing tomarrow ont the third there are jitterbug dancers from 1-3 should i go??
<3Gracie Horvath

zionwanderer said...

My daughter is a poppy. Are the poppies in Act 1 or Act 2? Also on full cast rehearsals about how long should we plan the Poppies will need to remain?