Saturday, December 29, 2007

Warner Bros Studio 2.0 is coming to the Barnstable High School Drama Club

Dear Parents, Teachers, Students, and Staff,

Warner Bros. Studio 2.0 is producing an internet based documentary series about the making of a real high school musical. To find the ideal subject for this project, we launched a year-long nationwide search for the most impressive high school theatre program. Three months ago, we narrowed down our lengthy list of candidates to three schools.

After visiting Barnstable High, and meeting with your principal, drama head, teachers, and drama students, our clear choice was Barnstable. Our decision was based upon the quality of your theatre program, the enthusiasm of the students and faculty, the sophistication of your theater facilities, and the overall energy and creativity of your school. You should all be proud of this amazing institution.

The series will be comprised of approximately 10 to 20 5-minute “webisodes” presented on the internet. It will feature the process and product of making a musical. Our small crew will document your upcoming Wizard of Oz production --from casting to curtain call. We will feature the work of the student actors, artists, technicians, and organizers who will make this musical a reality.

This series will be a team effort. We plan to involve Barnstable students in the shooting and writing of the project, and to hold a number of classes on production and new media. The internet promises to be a major part of every Barnstable student’s future in whatever discipline they choose. We think this opportunity will help advance their understanding of how to create, market, and monetize this medium to their advantage.

It is our hope that this project will also generate the nationwide attention to Barnstable’s extraordinary theatre arts program that it deserves.

In order for us to proceed with this project, each person involved in the upcoming Wizard of Oz production would need to sign a standard release, or to have it signed by their parent or guardian. We ask that those who choose not to sign the release, or appear in this video project on camera, speak to Mr. John Sullivan as soon as possible.

We look forward to working together in the new-media first, and to a great learning experience.


James Percelay & Rich Rosenthal

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